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Joe Keithley D.O.A. JK200 Satin Yellow 20-015 with Series/Parallel Push/Pull Control


This guitar features a Series/Parallel Push/Pull Control on the volume control. The series sound replicates the sound of a single coil but without the hum. Parallel is a cleaner, lower-output, hum-canceling single coil tone.

Joe Keithley is a Canadian music icon. He and his band “D.O.A” have toured the world many times over in the past 40+ years. The Odyssey Guitar Company is proud that their first offering partners with this great player.


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  • Angled Headstock
  • 2 Way Truss Rod
  • Lightweight Vintage Style Chrome Tuners
  • Bone Nut, hand profiled with chamfered corners
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • 22 Frets
  • Pearl Square Inlays
  • Long Tenon Mahogany Set Neck
  • Comfortable Hand Profiled Neck


  • Solid Mahogany Body
  • Edge Bevelled Profile
  • Satin Yellow Thin Finish
  • Hand Bevelled Pickguard
  • Custom Control Cavity Plate with guitar info noted inside
  • Copper Sheet Fully Shielded Control Cavity


  • Wilkinson Wraparound Bridge
  • Barrel Speed Knobs
  • Tonerider Octane TRH3 Alnico 8 Humbucker
  • A500k volume (push/pull), B500k Tone Potentiometers
  • Series/Parallel Push/Pull Control
  • Odyssey Treble Bleed Circuit
  • Orange Drop Large 600V 0.022uF Tone Capacitor
  • 22 AWG Wiring
  • Lock washers on pots
  • Neutrik Output Jack
  • Sh*thead Style Strap Pins (w/ rubber shock grommets/ fender washers/ machine thread install)
  • Dunlop Pick Holder loaded with 2 of the same picks Joe uses
  • 30 Sticker Pack
  • COA (B&W in pictures, comes with colour COA)
  • Trussrod key, bridge adjustment key
  • Each guitar set up with trussrod adjustment, intonation, action, nut depth

This limited edition is a small production run, each with a unique serial number. They are available on the site. It can also be purchased from our Reverb store.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 114 × 46 × 16 cm
Graphtech Tusq Nut

Hand profiled, increases harmonics and tuning stability


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