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SOLD! Joe Keithley D.O.A. JK200 Autographed Satin Black w/ D.O.A. Graphic 20-021


Joe Keithley D.O.A. JK200 Satin Yellow 20-015 with Series/Parallel Push/Pull Control

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Joe Keithley D.O.A. JK200 Autographed Satin Black Smilin’ Buddha. Graphic 20-016


A very special one-off custom autographed by Joey Shithead in acrylic white paint. Graphic was hand painted by Petes Custom Paints. Truly for the ultimate D.O.A. fan. The black finish is hand rubbed satin black while the graphic is in gloss, making the neon pop! This guitar features custom wiring where the volume pot push/pulls for series/parallel tones while the tone pot’s push/pull when pushed down is a blast switch, bypassing all pots and capacitors, sending blistering full tones to your amp.

Joe Keithley is a Canadian music icon. He and his band “D.O.A” have toured the world many times over in the past 40+ years. The Odyssey Guitar Company is proud that their first offering partners with this great player.


Hurry! only 1 left in stock.
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  • Angled Headstock
  • 2 Way Truss Rod
  • Upgraded Wilkinson E-Z Lock Chrome Tuners
  • Bone Nut, hand profiled with chamfered corners
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • 22 Frets
  • Pearl Square Inlays
  • Long Tenon Mahogany Set Neck
  • Comfortable Hand Profiled Neck


  • Solid Mahogany Body
  • Edge Bevelled Profile
  • Satin Black Thin Finish with custom Smilin’ Buddha gloss neon  graphic for the true fan
  • Autographed by Joe
  • Hand Bevelled Pickguard
  • Custom Control Cavity Plate with guitar info noted inside
  • Copper Sheet Fully Shielded Control Cavity


  • Wilkinson Wraparound Bridge
  • Barrel Speed Knobs
  • Tonerider Octane TRH3 Alnico 8 Humbucker
  • Series/Parallel push/pull volume
  • Blast push/pull tone pot
  • A500k volume, B500k Tone Potentiometers
  • Odyssey Treble Bleed Circuit
  • Orange Drop Large 600V 0.022uF Tone Capacitor
  • 22 AWG Wiring
  • Lock washers on pots
  • Neutrik Output Jack
  • Sh*thead Style Strap Pins (w/ rubber shock grommets/ fender washers/ machine thread install)
  • Dunlop Pick Holder loaded with 2 of the same picks Joe uses
  • 30 Sticker Pack
  • COA
  • Trussrod key, bridge adjustment key
  • Each guitar set up with trussrod adjustment, intonation, action, nut depth

This limited edition is a small production run, each with a unique serial number. They are available on the site. It can also be purchased from our Reverb store.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 114 × 46 × 16 cm
Graphtech Tusq Nut

Hand profiled, increases harmonics and tuning stability


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