A New Odyssey

Odyssey Guitars were created in the mid 70’s in Vancouver BC Canada and ceased operations in the early 80’s.

Update: The first shipment of the new Odyssey Guitars have just arrived and are presently being assembled in Vancouver BC. The first 2 models will be endorsement designs and expect to sell out fast. The regular Odyssey guitar and bass models will be available Summer 2021. The site will undergo a re-design and guitar information and ordering will be published at the end of March, 2021.

Surprise! Odyssey is back! Being involved in the discussions with Craig Jones new book “Odyssey‚ĶAttila Balogh and the quest for the perfect guitar” it has reminded me how great these guitars were and loved by its fans. I’ve played one I made in 1977 and it has always been my main guitar. I can never be what the 3 partners¬†were but I can bring the brand into the 21st century. The logo has been freshened up and I hope you like it.

This new rebranded Odyssey Guitar CompanyTM is created by a former employee to make new guitars/basses, vintage guitars, merchandise, hard to find remanufactured parts and apparel available for enthusiasts worldwide. Our new guitars are a tribute to the designs of Attila Balogh, who created the originals. They have been refreshed and modernized. They are manufactured offshore and with sustained business the plan is to have custom models manufactured here in Vancouver BC.

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Thanks for your support!